Old dogs can be very rewarding, please consider adopting one of Georgiana’s many old dogs.hh


She was rescued from public shelter she had many tumors.
She had made some series of cytostatics and also had surgery and she got better.
Babu don’t pee on the normal way . When she had the intervention the vets considered that she might had in her past another surgery and the urinary way was deviated or it is an anatomic change of her body trying to take out the urine on other way .
She is active most of the time but has also days when she is not well .Recently she was very sick but she got better. Babu deserve a home place where to be well cared and to stay inside of the house. She is teh sweetest dog very kind and lovable .
Lola, 10 Year Old Female
Lola, 10 Year Old Female. She has arthritis and is quite a nervous dog, she needs a quiet home where she can enjoy the remainder of her life. She is great with other dogs, she is not tested with cats or children. She is spayed. She was found in the grounds of an orphanage where she was being attacked by other dogs.

Dino, 14 Year Old Male. He needs a loving home, he is in good health and enjoys the company of other dogs and people. He does not like cats. Ideally he needs a quiet home